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Museum in the Classroom


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Museum in the Classroom


Museum in the Classroom is a traveling exhibit that will convert your gymnasium into a Natural History Museum.

Your students will experience first-rate exhibit without ever leaving your campus. No more buses, rushed visits, permission slips or excluded grade levels. Your entire student body can experience a world-class exhibit in your own facility.

 This exhibit is not only exciting; it is highly educational. A comprehensive curriculum for grades
Kinder through 6th grade, written in both Spanish and English, is available for all participating
schools. Each curriculum covers numerous TEKS. Click here to access our curriculum, or cut and paste the webs address for access. http://www.klrnconnect.blogspot.com/p/dinosaur-george.html

 Museum in the Classroom is a self-guided exhibit where your teachers will lead their students
through at their own pace. It takes approximately 45 minutes to experience the exhibit, but you can
decide how long each group can stay. And the large, easy to read, signs will insure that your students
have a complete understanding of each exhibit piece.

Contact us with any questions. Contact@DinosaurGeorge.com

                                                         Exhibit Details
  • Over $150,000 worth of exhibit items
  • More than 300 feet of exhibit items
  • Curriculum for Kinder thru 6th grade, available in both Spanish and English
  • Prehistoric life forms from around the world
  •  Animals from almost every time period and continent
  • An incredible display of dinosaur skulls, including one of the largest T-rex skulls on earth
  • Learn about some unusual creatures in the “Prehistoric Texas” exhibit
  • Large, easy to read signage 
  • Stand next to the skull of a crocodile that grew longer than a city bus
  • Exhibits with some of the earliest life forms to creatures from the ice age
  • You’ll see creatures from the land, sea and air
  • A huge collection of saber-toothed cat skulls
  • Experts on hand with over 60 years of experience to answer all your questions
  • One of the largest traveling prehistoric exhibits in North America

What We Require

Due to the size and scope of the exhibit, we have certain requirements that
are necessary to insure your event is  as exciting as possible.


          • We will need access to your gym for two days. Setup will take place the day prior to your event
           date. Removal of the exhibit will take place immediately after the school day ends.
           Setup and removal generally takes 4 to 6 hours. In the event that your school chooses to open
           the exhibit to the public after school hours, removal of the exhibit will take place the following
           morning. There is an additional fee to keep the exhibit open to the public after normal school

         • Your gym must have roll-up doors or double doors where the center pole can be removed to
             accommodate our large crates. If unavailable, we may not be able to display our larger exhibit
             pieces. Due to the size and weight of the crates, we are unable to go over large curbs or stairs.

          • We will need the ability to pull our trucks and trailers up to your gym doors. In the case of
           inclement weather, or your facility layout prevents us from being able to drive up to the gym
          doors, we will need unobstructed access via paved or concrete walkways leading to your gym.

          • Doors to gym must remain locked and secured during all non-operating hours.
            Unaccompanied students are not allowed in the exhibit unless approved by school
            administrators or teachers.

          • Although we take every precaution to protect your facility floor from damage, it is possible
             that marking or marring is possible on hardwood, specialty or delicate floors.

The Cost

        The cost to bring this incredible exhibit your school is only $3,500.00, plus travel fees if outside
           of San Antonio, TX.  This includes a full day for your students to experience the exhibit
as well as the set up and removal of the exhibit by our staff.

          • Want the exhibit for more than one school day? You can schedule the exhibit for a fee of
           $800.00 per additional day.

          • A deposit of at least $1,000.00 is required at least 30 days prior to your event date.

          • Under certain circumstances, we offer funding support or our matching funds program to
            assist you in bringing Museum in the Classroom to your school.

          • Partner with area schools to share the expense, or invite other schools and charge an
            admission fee.

          • Turn your event into a FUND-RAISER! In an effort to help you recover your investment,
            or even make a profit, you can invite the general public to experience Museum in the Classroom
           during the evening of your scheduled event date. You decide the admission fees, determine how
           long you want to stay open, and keep all the profits you make. There is an additional $300 fee
           to cover the payroll costs for our staff if you choose to do this.

                                       Contact us with any questions. Contact@DinosaurGeorge.com